Office Pantry
Provenance is an office micro-kitchen & pantry service specialist for multinational companies in Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines & Thailand.
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Welcome to Provenance Corporate Pantry Services: your trusted partner to cater to your Office Micro-Kitchen, Pantry, and food procurement needs.


Provenance Corporate Pantry Services is your regional cornerstone for enhancing corporate environments across Asia. As a trusted partner, we specialise in providing top-tier corporate office micro-kitchen/pantry services and expert food & beverage procurement for some of the largest multinational corporations in the region, such as Meta and Netflix.


Value-Added Services


F&B Sourcing & Procurement: Our dedicated Supply team is your gateway to an array of exciting F&B brands skillfully sourced through our extensive global network. We prioritise sourcing products that not only tantalise the taste buds but also align with values of wholesomeness, sustainability, and social responsibility. Our focus extends to meeting the needs of both your staff and your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.


Efficient Logistics & Micro-Kitchen/Pantry Operations: Our professional on-location operations team is your behind-the-scenes partner, ensuring seamless experiences for your corporate spaces. From ordering and receiving to meticulous stock inventory management, from the artful shelf and chiller stocking to the precision maintenance of coffee machines and chillers, we’ve got you covered. Our operations team is also well-equipped to provide corporate event services, including venue set-up, F&B sourcing, and post-event clean-up.


Smart Budgeting & Management Reporting: We harness the power of data to drive informed decisions. Our customised reporting system captures detailed information on goods ordered and received, staff consumption by item, stock levels, and F&B spending. This wealth of data empowers us to forecast and manage budgets effectively, identify emerging trends, and closely monitor inventory. These insights enable management to make informed decisions based on staff preferences and budgets. Furthermore, our analysis facilitates the swift removal of unwanted F&B items, reducing wastage, and allows us to introduce popular F&B products that elevate staff satisfaction.


You can find more details in our Corporate Profile.

Are you a Corporate Office seeking micro-kitchen & pantry services?

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